How to Write & Print a Paperback Book

Write and Print a paperback

Write and Print a Paperback

Write and Print a Book

By Deborah S. Nelson

Have you ever had an idea to write and print a book? I have. And I have actually done it. I envision a world that  one day high schoolers will write and publish a book for an English class, or even a business course. This idea may sound far-fetched but in the 21st Century publishing your own book is really not that crazy!

Developments in digital publishing now make this doable on a small-scale. Using print of demand publishing, we now print one book at a time! That is pretty astounding when you consider that in the history of book publishing it was necessary to print 10,000 books at a time just to make one book affordable.

writing and printing a book at home

How to Write and Print a Book at Home

How to Write a Book

People tend to believe that writing a book is way more difficult than it actually is. Because the publishing industry has tended to publish the scholarly or well-known, ordinary persons often feel unworthy to become writers. This is a sad development, since many skilled and wise people can share wisdom in various fields. Because of the expensive investment the publishing industry needed to make  to publish a book, the focus on best sellers was inevitable. However, not all books are, or need to be best sellers. They only need to serve a small segment of people who want and need specific information. I am speaking  of non-fiction, because it is the easiest way to start writing. The best way to write a book is simply one chapter at a time. Here are some tips for getting your book written super fast:

FREE BLOG: Start a free blog on This is the quickest way to start writing for the public.  Get used to writing for an audience by writing a daily or weekly or even a monthly blog. Each blog can become a chapter of your book.

WRITE AUTHENTICALLY: When you write, write like you speak. First get your ideas across and next polish with editing, grammar, and proofreading later. Do not get hung up on how it sounds or looks. just say what you need to say!

WRITE WHAT YOU LOVE: Write on something you know and love. This is super important!

YOUR AUTHOR EGO: Do not worry about what people say. Many people are too busy to read, and those who do read are very appreciative of good information. Keep your EGO out of it. Write from your heart and not to impress.

CONSISTENT WRITING: Write consistently. Find a place, a schedule and a flow. If  you are writing once a day, once a week, or once a month, be consistent and make writing a habit. This will get your book completed in what seems to be no time!

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

How to Print a Paperback at Home

Once you are well into the writing process, it is time to think about printing your book. This seems complex, but absolutely doable, and once you learn how, you may publish books again and again. The way to print your book at home is of course get access to an online printing company. Most of these companies refer to themselves as self publishing companies. Some of the top print on demand companies are CreateSpace and LuLu, and Blurb. Print on demand companies will accept your completed book file and literally print one book at a time. I have now published or helped writers publish over 100 books and here is a list of the basic steps how to get your paperback printed from you home computer:

WORD: Get your manuscript into Word. Run spell check and grammar check. If you want your book to come across as professional, send your WORD document to a content editor, who will (if professional) edit using the “track changes” feature. That way you can see what they changed, and you can accept or reject their editorial changes.

PRINT ON DEMAND: In my opinion CreateSpace offers the easiest and most advanced print on demand structure. Their customer service is very thorough and mostly human. Start a Print on Demand account for free with CreateSpace. There are many others, but I can only help my clients with the venue that I know.

ISBN NUMBER: If you select the free ISBN number in the CreateSpace account, CreateSpace is as the publisher in the BOWKER BOOKS DIRECTORY. If you want a custom ISBN number, you’ll need to sign up as an independent publisher with Bowker first. Then select the option in CreateSpace to pay extra for your own ISBN number, which will list you as the publisher.

FRONT MATTER & BACK MATTER: Once you have written the content of your book, you will have more work to do. You’ll need to create front matter, which includes pages such as title page, copyright page, table of contents, dedication, preface, and many other informational pages. See my Book Blueprint available for sale on to have a thorough understanding of all these options and their chronological order. Complete these and add to your WORD document. You may try to upload your raw WORD document to CreateSpace but I recommend hiring a professional graphic designer to create the book interior and produce a print ready PDF digital file for uploading.

CREATE YOUR BOOK COVER: You may use the free CreateSpace book cover template or hire an artist to custom design your own cover.

BOOK PROOF: Upload your cover and your interior. This is a must. Order your proof before making your book available to the public. You will see other issues when you have that three-dimensional copy in your hands.

FINAL PRINTING: Once you make your final changes, submit your files for final review; and once your files are approved for printing you may make available for sale on Select the various distribution channels available and write a description, and include an Author Bio.

MARKETING: Basic marketing steps include creating an Amazon Central Author Profile and apply for Google Author Verification. These are basics but necessary to get a good start.

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