First Crawl, Then Walk: 5 Steps to Writing & Self-Publishing a Book

First Steps to Writing a Book

By Deborah S. Nelson

Steps to Writing a Book

Writing a Book and Becoming Published Author

Have you ever thought of writing and publishing a book? This article covers the steps to writing a book and how to take the opportunity to become a published author. With digital publishing and print on demand you no longer need must be a scholar or a celebrity to write a book and get it published. Publishing Solo can help you to make your dream to publish a printed book a reality. But before you publish the first step is to write the book. Now, that may seem like a daunting task, but it really is easier than you think. Take the steps to writing a book we suggest in these videos and you’ll be a published author more quickly that you may think.

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As a publishing coach, I have worked with many first-time authors and most writers get stuck at a certain point. It’s not your fault. It does not mean that you are not a good writer. However, that “stuck point” usually keeps your manuscript sitting for years. Most often that “stuck point” is something simple that you don’t know or understand.

Once writers get the answers they need, they often take the rest of the steps to writing a book very quickly and are soon published. The problem is getting stuck on that one step and not knowing how to move forward.

We have produced 2 videos that cover the steps to writing a book, among other videos which teach how to self-publish a book. You’ll find that information is powerful in the process of learning how to write and publish a book. Please accept my personal invitation to join Publishing SOLO (free for now) and receive the self-publishing toolkit.

Number 1 The Art & Craft.

The Craft. Learn or hire the craft. Speak your story into a recorder, transcribe to a Word document and hand to a graphic artist to design your book. The Art. Tell Your Story.

Step Two: Steps to Writing a book

Let it Flow.

Forget about spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Enjoy the process, and write consistently.

Third of Steps to Writing a Book

Be Present When Writing.

Envision a story from your day to write about..

Step 4: Steps to Writing a Book

Play the Game.

Anything you want to learn requires practice, practice, practice..

Number 5: Steps to Writing a BookDump Perfectionism.

Finish the Race. Your mission is to enjoy telling the story. Editors, proofreaders, designers polish your work.

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