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Self publishing Coach

Why I am a Self-Publishing Coach: I love books

Self-Publishing Coach

Many of us who are blessed with incredible information, inspiration, even wisdom; have been deprived of sharing it in book form. But now we can do it. We can publish books, on our own. Well, maybe, as long as we are able overcome the technological frustrations, all while adhering to  publishing protocol.

How and why did I become a self-publishing coach? Publishing coaching is a new field that serves the self-publishing pool of writers who have always held the delicious dream of  becoming published authors. In the recent past, self-publishing was arrogantly labeled as vanity publishing. This is because the scholarly community surrounding traditional publishing often took on a superior air, and is some ways, rightly so. If they decided not to publish your book, the general attitude was, how dare you publish without going through us!  They regarded those with the confidence and resources to print their own book, as inferior.

The Thrill of Being a Self-Publishing Coach

My favorite aunt, a teacher most of her adult life, self-published a small book in her golden years. I was always so incredibly proud of her–not because it was a great accomplishment, which it was, but because she overcame the judgement of the image of vanity publishing and did it anyway. Perhaps it was her inspirational influence which spurred me on to helping at least a hundred books to be self-published. See the Author Library to looks at books self-published using my self-publishing curriculum and print on demand self-publishing companies.

It took her over a year to get that book published, and being that it was for a non-profit, the preservation of “The Little Red Schoolhouse,” she was able to tap into  community resources and assistance. However, she experienced long learning curve even with all the help she received from the community. A very determined and educated woman who was still working on her doctorate’s degree towards the end of her life, she was able to accomplish it against all the odds.

That was about 15 years ago when digital publishing and print on demand did not yet exist. With a bit of donated money she was able to fund the printing of a small run of books, then offered in the historical landmark for donations. But now, we can use print on demand, which means writers do not have to fund an initial inventory of books. Now the only real cost in publishing a book is the initial layout, design, and set up of the digital file that represents the final representation of the book.

I Love Reading Books

I love reading books. Many books have transformed my life, and inspired me to make the jump from one level of person to another. There are a number of books that have literally changed my life.  Therefore, when I was able to finally publish the book that I thought would inspire others equally as I was inspired, being that it was the greatest elation of my life.  Obvious, I will only experience that elation one time.  Yet, each time my clients and students publish their first book, I re-experience the elation through them once again!

My work as a self-publishing coach begins with walking clients through the stages and phases of self-publishing their books. I am an organized teacher, and make the process incrementally simple and doable, 1 step at a time. By the time my clients finish with all the steps and publish their book, they can hardly believe how simple it was. (not easy, but simplified!)

Complimentary Publishing Coach for Half-Hour

At this moment, my coaching schedule is full, and I am not accepting new clients. However, I do still give half hour complimentary coaching consultations on Saturday and Monday Mornings. If you would like to schedule one, fill out this form, and tell me a little about your book project. I’ll get you going in the right direction and started off on the right foot. My schedule is very tight, but I leave room for this service to the writing community. I offer online courses, self-publishing toolkit, and other free resources and tips to help you get going on your publishing dreams.



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