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Deborah S. Nelson, Author, Publisher, SpeakerDreaming and writing—what do they have in common? Perhaps it is Deborah S. Nelson, who has united her two greatest talents within her personal development book series—Finding the Author Within with its companion workbook Published at Last!

Nelson is the author and publisher of 22 books, including The Newest Secret, Vacation Rental Owner’s Manual, Do-it-Yourself Vacation Rental Branding, The Vacation Rental Travel Guide series, and the Author Your Reality series. She has guided over 100 authors to publish their books. Recently, she has introduced her new innovation—the DIY Publishing Kits.

Nelson’s experience includes two decades in the publishing, printing, and advertising industries. Her passion is getting your book to the finish line. Her newest book, Publish Your Book Blueprint shows aspiring authors each step of the self-publishing process. Authors produce a published book proof which prepares them for final publication on Amazon.