On Demand Book Printing—12 Money Motives

Print on Demand Equipment

Print on Demand Printing Equipment

On Demand Book Printing Fulfills the Dream to Publish Your Own Book

I have no idea what the statistics are; but a dream to publish your own book has been among the most numerous of unfulfilled dreams. As a person working in the book publishing industry, I cannot count how many times a friend, a family member, or even a stranger has said to me: “I’ve always wanted to publish my own book!” It made me sad to hear, knowing that their dream to publish was likely to be unfulfilled.

However, with digital publishing (on demand book printing), this is no longer true! I have experienced the honor and privilege of self-publishing a dozen of my own books, and it is beyond exhilarating; and now I just can’t seem to stop! Being a published author has taken my life to a whole new dimension. Don’t get me wrong…it wasn’t a picnic. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get my first book published. But knowing what I know now, I can easily teach you how to publish your own book.

I have worked in the printing, book publishing and advertising industries for decades–on “the inside” for a traditional book publishing company for many years. I was the “mean one” scanning the hundreds of want-to-be-book manuscripts and who wrote and sent out the rejection letters each week. There were so many of them, I had to create a form letter! Being a writer myself, this part of my position had a profound effect on me–it broke my heart to be part of many unfulfilled publishing dreams. So when I discovered that the publishing industry was following the music and photography industries, “going digital,” this was exciting news for me!

Short Run Book Printing and the on Demand Book Printing Machine!

On Demand Book Printing

On Demand Book Printing

Some of you have heard of print on demand publishing, often called POD for short, and also known as “on demand printing.” I heard about it about 15 years ago when I received a request for a quote for a short run book printing project in my advertising and printing business.

I knew that the offset printing run required was going to be too expensive to print; and I called a colleague, who I knew had been handling a lot of short run book printing for a pastor client. She told me about a new digital printing press, an on demand book printing machine located in Denver, which takes a digital file to completed book form—the first “digital printing press” of the time!


By then, the printing industry had transitioned to working with digital art files; so digital printing was the logical next step. I was impressed–just one step with one company, and the book was complete. They did the printing, cutting, binding, and included the 4 color front cover as well! To those of us working in this industry, normal book printing took at least 7 steps; and this printing press was like an espresso book machine, magical—and the price, about 25% of the cost of offset printing. This made an impression on me; and I joined the digital publishing revolution,learned about on demand book printing and never looked back.

Traditional Book Publishing vs. Digital Book Publishing

With the traditional publishing model, you write your book or book proposal and mail it by snail mail to a traditional publisher. You are expected to include a self-addressed self-stamped manila envelope for returning the manuscript. It may take 1-3 years for this process, along with hundreds of rejection letters; and then another 1-2 years to publish, a 3-5 year project.

Once published, you do book signings mostly in bookstores; to sell your books there. With digital publishing, if you know what you are doing, you can get a completed (edited & proofread) manuscript published and for sale through Amazon.com in a matter of weeks. Instead of visiting bookstores for book signings, your books are sold online, in the company of 73% of all physical books also being sold online.

Top on Demand Book Printing Companies–Amazon and Lulu Self-Publishing

Book Publishing

Book Publishing

The on demand book printing model means is your book sits on a digital file until someone places an order. You will not need to print a large quantity of books to make just one book affordable as you do in traditional publishing. Your book waits on a digital file.

I recommend on demand book printing-Amazon, Lulu self-publishing; or BLURB books if you need four-color on demand photo book printing. These companies are the early players, and are highly organized with the best customer service. Once someone places an order for 1 or more books, it is published and shipped out within a matter of days. You are paid the retail prices less a commission for sales made from the shopping cart at the front end of Amazon Books, Lulu or Blurb.

12 Profit Motives to Publish Your Own Book with on Demand Book Printing

1. Authentic Self Confidence: When you fulfill your dream to become a published author, expect a surge of self- confidence. This is not the “fake it until you make it,” type of self-confidence, but well-earned and authentic. You have articulated your truth, expertise, and your heart to your circle of influence. Creating genuine self-confidence is a boost of momentum to a stalled career, a lackluster social life, or an injured self-esteem. The process of organizing and articulating your expertise, creativity, or personal story, will boost your personal and professional image.

2. Give Yourself a Raise: Now that you are a published author, give yourself a raise! Each time you provide a product or service, include a free autographed copy of your book. For example, if you are electrician, and you’ve written a book: “Do it Yourself Wiring for Room Additions,” raise your rates 10-20% a few months after most of your clients have been given a copy of the book.


3. Offer Consulting Services: As a published author, offer consultation services to create a second income or additional income to your existing business. Consultants and coaches often charge a minimum of $100 an hour for their guidance, expertise, and experience. With a published book in your field, your knowledge can save novices thousands of dollars with access to your industry resources, connections, and your experience of knowing “how not to do something!”

4. Speaking Engagements: Becoming a best-selling author is not always the end game of being published. Speaking engagements can bring in fees from a small stipend to unfathomable amounts. Even just speaking for free at a local event, can allow you to sell your books at the back of the room, and bring in a few hundred dollars for just a few hours of your time. Most speaking agencies and bureaus require that you are a published author before accepting you in their speaker’s portfolio.

5. Leverage Your Books: Once you used print on demand for your publishing method; you may buy your books wholesale directly from the printer for a fraction of the retail price. Give your books to charity, for a tax write-off for the retail amount, or give your books away at seminars, public events, workshops, as a very inexpensive way of marketing your services.

6. Book Sales: Sell your books from your website to create an additional income stream. Over73% of books are now being purchased online. It is not necessary to make your books available in book stores to become a successful author anymore. This is the old model of publishing, and the digital model of publishing moves books online, not through bookstores. For local sales, you may also set up a table at local business events, book fairs, or industry wide fairs to find new clients, and while making book sales to offset the cost of the booth.

7. Workshops & Events: Use your book at the curriculum for workshops and events that you set up at your place of business; or locally at an establishment that will appreciate the niche traffic your class or workshop will bring to their place of business. These events can be free (with book sales as the money earner) or you can charge a fee to the participants. This is a marketing opportunity to upsell consulting or coaching services, or your regular business services. You are the expert at the front of the room; and your services will practically sell themselves in this environment.

8. Celebrity Status: As a published author, you are in a celebrity class. Even if only 100 people read your book, you will be seen as a local celebrity. Be sure to enhance your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and your dating profiles with your author status! People are impressed with published authors; and rank you with a higher status in social circles. You’ll get invited to exclusive events, parties, and dinner parties. Be sure to brush up your hairstyle, dress, and personal ambiance when attending these events. Remember to bring a few copies of your books in case you meet someone you want to give an autographed copy of the book.

9. Media Publicity: Harvest the opportunity to share your knowledge, wisdom, creativity, or expertise on local or national radio or television. It is up to you how far you want to take the momentum of becoming a published author.

10. Establish Your Own Publishing Company: Some people get so excited about becoming an author they start their own independent publishing company. Once you get one book published many others start to form. You may publish audio books, e-books, kindle books; and translate your books into other languages to market in other countries. Knowing how to use digital publishing makes it fairly easy to start an independent publishing brand; to that you may publish many other works inexpensively and begin to develop a following for your body of work.

11. Advertising Vehicle: If you are in a business the book can offer pages of advertising of your products and services. Many people in business publish a book to share their knowledge and use the advertisements and special offers in the back of the book to get people to their website or to call them to purchase products or services.

12. Leaving a Legacy: Many people want to publish a book solely to leave a legacy. There is no amount of money that can offset the value of sharing a life of experiences, images, and wisdom with a generation yet to come. The ability to write ad publish such a book affordably is priceless; and generates the most profit of all; a legacy of love left for those who remain behind.

You Don’t Have to Be a Best Seller!

Being a best-selling author is the desired model of success produced by the traditional publishing company model. The need to publish at least 25,000 books (to make each book affordable), and to sell multitudes of books in order to be profitable, perpetuates the glamorization of the best-selling author profile. With digital and print on demand publishing being affordable (“from free”-$3k per book to build the digital file, and no inventory required); no one has to be a best seller! Success becomes a matter of leveraging your author status to increase your income, exposure, expertise, and creativity to whatever your desired your circle of influence. However, if you want to be a best-selling author, there is no reason why you can’t be one. Amazon.com has produced a multitude of best-selling authors, to rival any top authors who have come from the traditional publishing model. On demand book printing has changed the way the book publishing industry functions and now you, too can become a part of the digital publishing era.

Ready, Set, Go!

Boost your earning power & social currency by becoming a published author in record time–just $7.


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