How to Publish a Book at Home

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The Power of the Pen wielded with personal intent can move mountains and even cause books to be published. Use your intent to complete the information below (name and email required) and make your intent to publish statement in 15 words or less. When traditional publishing companies accept a manuscript for publication, an agreement is signed. So do yourself a favor and take this first step and sign an agreement with yourself and post your intent to publish. THIS STEP COSTS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and will propel you to honor your dream to publish your book. See samples of others intent to publish below. 

Below is the Publishing SOLO Intent to Publish Agreement. IT COSTS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and will propel you to honor your dream to publish your book. Jump on our mailing list to get this self-publishing form for free (Step 1).  You’ll also find out about Step 2, another free bonus!

Intent to Self-Publish Agreement

I, (Name)___________________________________, hereby make an agreement and commitment to and myself that I am intending to publish my book by________________________(date).

Agreement with Self: In making this agreement, I understand the overarching goal is to publish my works, thoughts, quotes, photos, illustrations, concepts, ideas, (known as creative material) as part of the process of mastering the print on demand method for sharing creative works with myself, others and/or the marketplace.

Imperfections: I further understand and agree that this self-published work may not be perfect. I accept with grace and dignity and agree that it is O.K. if it is not a masterpiece. I agree that this course, published curriculum, Publishing Coach or my do-it-yourself determination will guide me through the process for publishing a creative work of art, music or writing. I understand that the highest purpose of publishing this first piece is to achieve the publishing process, not to produce a “perfect work.” I understand that a perfected work may come with subsequent editions; and that this is a normal for seasoned authors. I understand that it may take years to develop a perfect work and become an accomplished and published author.

Completion: I understand and agree that launching a creative work and to bringing it through all of its stages from conception to completion is the most important part of becoming a self-published author. I promise myself, my publishing coach, and any other students in the course (if participating in a course) that I will finish, no matter what, no matter how polished or “unpolished,” imperfect, or flawed I may perceive the work to be.

Challenges: I also understand there may be breakdowns, challenges, fears, anxieties, obstacles, and insecurities in this process of sharing some of the most inspirational and vulnerable parts of myself when I chose to become a published author.  I agree that I will continue to move without delay through those difficult spots, knowing that when I finish and publish that I will become a more developed writer, artist, and person.

Published Author Journey: I understand the decision to become a published author begins a journey which may open many new doors for me, and that this is an inner journey as well as an external one. I agree to organize no more than 2 focus group meetings of select friends, experts, and advisors for initial feedback on cover and interior design. Afterwards, I will not allow “random, opinionated, or endless changes and corrections” of my book cover, or interior content, from “too many cook in the kitchen.” In harmony with the professional and experienced advice of my publishing coach, (or publishing curriculum I am using) and with timeline in mind, I take control and accept responsibility for decisions involved in the self-publishing process.

Patience with Self: Lastly, I agree to be patient and allow myself to grow, learn, and expand into a better version of myself during this process. I agree to hold myself responsible and accountable for that, and will read all the material and do all my homework according the publishing schedule. Therefore, I expect the best possible outcome.




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