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10-MIR-cover-transparent-12-08-1309-MIR-cover-transparent-12-08-1308-MIR-cover-transparent-12-08-13The Make it Real Series is an example of a  customized branded application of the Author Your Reality Series. We can adapt creates and implement a series like this to be suitable for your company culture or corporate environment. This 3-part series  is a 10-step curriculum based on the Author Your Reality process  (invented by Deborah S. Nelson)–a curriculum with the outcome of self-published vision books. The curriculum is the next step above the vision board concept, the application of the series produces a self-published vision book for each student/client.

You company profits will soar! Inspire, energize, empower, train, lead, your director and CEO level employees. This unique program will empower effective leaders and trainers within your company environment. The course is an 8-week program which consists of a text book, a workbook, a journal and the final self-published vision book by  client or  student. You may either hire Ms. Nelson directly to facilitate the course; or she can re-brand the series to be customized to your company or client culture. Pricing to re-brand and train your corporate culture in this new way of envisioning, start at $40k for the 8-week course plus travel expenses. Ms Nelson will facilitate a course of up to 25 persons. Re branding the series to reach your corporate culture and include your company policies, mission statements, and logos start at $50k for the 3-part series.

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