The Newest Secret, By Deborah S. Nelson


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THE SECRET, by Rhonda Byrne. What an incredible breakthrough in human development! “The Secret” put the “Law of Attraction,” on in the radar screen of truth seekers, dream-doers, and those who study success. But have your ever wondered why “The Secret” has not worked for you? The Human Potential Movement is a like a relay race. One breakthrough leads to another. And another.

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This book takes “The Law of Attraction” to the next level. Magically combined with the Power of the Pen, we have a new breakthrough in attracting and bring our dreams into reality–on PURPOSE! AND IT WORKS! Ms. Nelson has proven it with multitudes who created a physical manifestation of their dream, a vision book in self published form. Author Your Reality with The Newest Secret! Here’s what readers of this self-help learn by doing curriculum say: “This is a serious “self-help” formula that I believe could actually make a reader’s dreams come true, IF they seriously followed the instructions of the author. In my opinion, this book often reads like “The Power of Now” or “A Course in Miracles” — which one should consider as a “good thing.” After all, “The Power of Now” and “A Course in Miracles” did positively transform thousands of lives!” Amelia A. Painter, Author (Fostoria, IA USA)


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