Author Your Reality Private Course


Are you ready to write and publish your first book or Vision book in 6 weeks? This course includes the Introduction to Dream Planning text along with and the curriculum workbook.


You will use either the Author Your Book ,Author Your Dreams, or Author Your Career ACTION PLAN workbook. In this 6 or 12 week course you will learn how to write AND publish your first book. Ms. Nelson takes you through this course by meeting privately with you twice a week for 6 weeks. You will work through the 10-step workbook in half of the sessions while working in a book lab building your first published book under the leadership and guidance of author and publishing coach Deborah S. Nelson. This is the private one on one version of this course. You will meet 1.5 hours during the week; and attend a 2-3 hour book lab on the weekends for a total of about 5 hours of private instruction time per week for 6 weeks. The course also includes the cost of printing your book; and 1 class make up session and 1 lab make up session; approximately 35 hours of private instruction with Publishing Coach Deborah S. Nelson.


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