Want to Publish a Book . . . But Lack the Know-How?

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1. Self-Publishing Checklist

2. Seven Self-Publishing Videos

3. Intent to Self-Publish Agreement

4. Dictionary of Self-Publishing Terms 

 5. Get Google Author Verification: Part 1, 2, 3

 6. Boost your earning power & social currency by becoming a published author.

Self-Publishing Tools! ONLY $7


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Want to Publish a Book—But Lack the Time or Know-How?

Look no further. This powerful learn-by-doing course grants you the time and the know-how. Learn to publish a printed book in 3 days by actually doing it! Once you become a published author, your friends, family, and peers see you in a whole new light! This unique new system teaches both aspiring and seasoned authors every step of the self-publishing process. You won’t even need a completed manuscript to get going. The Book Blueprint system:

tool kit for self publishing a book  Includes a downloadable interior template
Self publishing a book tools Displays parts of a book in chronological order
Gives 10 easy steps to print on demand publishing Self publishing toolkit Sets you up for free ISBN number & self-publishing account Self Publishing tool box Gets your book blueprint published in 3 days! (shipping time extra)

Want to learn how to publish a book in 3 days?