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Before I Die, I Want to Publish a Book!


Deborah S. NelsonDo you have a dream to publish a book? Perhaps you’ve been carrying the dream to publish a book for 10, 20, or 30 years. It’s a heavy burden, right?

That was me 4 years ago; and so I know how it feels to have a strong unfulfilled desire to publish. Like me, you may have spent years writing your manuscript. After decades of dreaming about publishing a book, I was starting to feel foolish; and beginning to feel like my dream to publish would never come true.

But right before giving up, I stumbled across a new, almost secret, publishing method brought to us by the digital age. As you read this entire article you will discover the beauty and the simplicity of this amazing digital development called Print on Demand.

What does this mean? It means ordinary people like you and me can be published authors!

As you read on, you will learn of a publishing venue that allows you to own 100% of your copyrights and earn 100% royalties on books you sell yourself! This is unheard of in traditional publishing.

For years, I worked inside the publishing business; and knew first-hand how “impossible” it was to become a published author.

You see, I was the “mean-one” inside the publishing company—the one responsible for writing all the rejection letters. Thousands upon thousands of manuscripts were submitted to the publishing company by hopeful and aspiring writers.

They stacked up regularly in the corner of my office all the way up to the ceiling! Many books were wonderfully well-written, and during the years I worked in publishing, I read and scanned thousands, perhaps up to 20,000 manuscripts.

As an editorial assistant, only one book in all those years I personally selected made it all the way through the system to publication! As a hopeful “wanna-be author,” even though I was on the inside, the whole process sickened me. And through this hands-on experience, I realized that getting published was truly “a needle in a haystack” proposition.

If you are anything like me, and don’t like the feeling of rejection, when I found Print on Demand publishing, I was ECSTATIC!

Finally! There’s a way for you to bypass the painful manuscript submission process to get your book published! And because of your dedication in reading this far, you will get a powerful gift to activate your self-publishing journey when you reach the end of this presentation.

To finish this story, I was so excited to escape this humiliating process that I eagerly and went to work. Within 4 years, I had written and self-published 11 books. As someone with a publishing, advertising and printing background, luckily I was able to navigate through all the frustrating kinks and quirks of digital publishing!

Now as a publishing coach, I help others to bring books into the world in the most creative and cost effective way possible. There is no better feeling than being a published author, and helping others to achieve that great feeling too. It’s what gets me up in the early mornings and makes me thankful to be alive!



First Session: 7 days
October 9 – 15, 2017
Session starts at 8 am and wraps up at 5 PM
Second Session: 10 days
October 9 – 15, 2017
Session starts at 8 am and wraps up at 5 PM
Perla Marina Beach, Sosua, Dominican Republic


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